What's The Frammas*? 


Frammas Days are a holiday from the everyday grind.

An opportunity to learn about what really matters to all the very talented people we've met since we opened COMRADITY.

We invite the Entrepreneurs, Investors, Corporate "Intra-preneurs," Strategists and Creators who are motivated to make a difference with economic sustainability. 

A Frammas event is for people who are open - even hungry - to go beyond the surface and figure out a challenging opportunity - to multiply the effects of your work, right here where you live and work - without getting on a train, plane or automobile. (Yep - this is carbon neutral economic development!)

Frammas events have great food and drinks and curated experiences. Contact Jim and Katherine Kern at 203-883-9255 with any questions.



[*Frammas was coined by Jim Kern, in 1966, to describe days that match the month and sometimes year, like 1/11, 2/2, 3/3, etc. the next mega Frammas will be 2/22/22]